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FX Insta Africa is registered in Nigeria, and is the Official Representative of Instaforex Group Companies in Nigeria and Africa. (Please Read Below our Terms and policies)

1.1.1: WE ARE NOT A Forex Broker or Financial institution but Official Representative to InstaForex.
FX Insta Africa Site is located at the following address: www.instaforex.com.ng and www.instaforex-africa.com

1.1.2: We do not Offer Forex Brokerages Services Such as Quoting of Prices, Giving Margins and Leverages Verifications etc…

1.1.3: We offer Funding and Withdrawal Services to only Instaforex clients in Nigeria at the moment.

1.1.4a: FX Insta Africa is not a Bureau de change office.

1.1.4b: We only serve as a Local Depositor/Withdrawal to Instaforex.

1.1.4c: FX Insta Africa is a Consultant on Forex Educational Training Program.

1.1.5: All transactions are made through our bank accounts listed on our Bank Information page as we do not accept or make cash payments in our office.

1.1.5b: Every InstaForex local account funding and withdrawal takes not less than 72 business hours

1.1.6: We do allow internet transfer as a means of payment for any of our services.

1.1.7: You are responsible for supplying your correct Instaforex Trading Account number, In the event that your fund is sent to a wrong account because you supplied a wrong account number, we will not be liable for any losses incurred.

1.1.8: We are not liable for any wrong account transfer in any Form.

1.1.8i: Do note that FX Insta Africa will deduct 5% for any refund after payment.

1.1.8ii:  Accounts opened through our site www.instaforex.com.ng are funded at discount rate.

1.1.8iii: Aside withdrawal, Funds in accounts opened through our site www.instaforex.com.ng are not allowed to be moved to another account as this will lead to cancellation of the discounted rate.

1.1.8iv: Instaforex Account money Withdrawal for funds above $100 that where not opened through our website(www.instaforex.com.ng) will only be processed after 40 business days from the day of withdrawal request.

1.1.8v: Fund Withdrawal for Instaforex Accounts that where not opened through our website(www.instaforex.com.ng)  will be processed  with a deduction of N15 per Dollar.

1.1.9: We are not liable for any loss or profit you make during your trading with Instaforex.

1.2.0: You are to be bound with all the Instaforex Broker Trading Rules/Services.

1.2.1a: You will not use our services for money laundering activities.

1.2.1b: FX Insta Africa is not an Investment company.

1.2.2: Using our services for Fund Management/Money Investment Of any Form is at your own risk as we (FX INSTA AFRICA) do not manage funds for clients.

1.2.3: We will keep records of all transactions and we will make them available to relevant authorities when necessary.

1.2.4: We respect the privacy of our clients and will not share your information with anybody.

1.2.5: When using of our local system; Specify clearly the depositor’s name While sending the payment notification to us otherwise your order will be unnecessarily delayed.

1.2.6: We do not allow Third Party Payment in our Service i.e The Depositors Name Must Be the same with the Account Owner Name.

1.3.5: Bank Account funding is final. You can not request a refund of your money once your Bank account has been funded.

2.0.1: We reserve the right to change the price of any of our Funding/Withdrawal Transactions by posting the information on our website. Note that a mail may not be sent to a customer for any changes in the price.

2.1.3 :Our additional monthly $50 payment is for clients that funds upto $100 and above and actively trades it for every 30days.

2.1.4: The minimum lot size for receiving our $50 monthly cash-back is 100 Lots and 1,000 Lots for cents accounts.

2.1.5: Our Forex Signal System is FREE and is not 100%  GUARANTEED.  

2.1.6: We are not responsible for any profit or loss made from our Free Forex Signal System. 

2.1.7a:  ACCOUNT FUNDING: InstaForex Clients whose accounts are not opened through our affiliate websites in Nigeria https://instaforex.com.ng or https://instaforex-africa.com will have their accounts funded at a higher rate than our normal rate.

2.1.7b: InstaForex Clients whose trading accounts was funded at N450 and N550 per dollar will have their withdrawals processed at N440 per dollar.

2.1.8a: FUNDS WITHDRAWAL: InstaForex Clients whose accounts are not opened through our affiliate websites in Nigeria https://instaforex.com.ng or https://instaforex-africa.com will have their Funds withdrawal paid at a lower rate than our normal rate for clients in Nigeria.

2.1.8b: Do note that maximum withdrawal per day of InstaForex funds to Local Bank Account in Nigeria is $1,000 equivalent to Naira.

2.1.9: HIGH RISK WARNING: Trading Foreign Exchange (Forex) carries a high level of risk and is not appropriate for every body. It’s advisable you should be aware of all the risks associated with Online Forex Trading and you should never invest into Forex money you cannot afford to loose.

2.2.0 Please refer to the following link for our Educational Training program on Forex Trading https://instaforex.com.ng/promotions/free-70-dollar-after-training/

3.1.0: Order of business and claims for $50 Monthly Cash Back:

3.1.1: The claim should be in the form of an electronic mail (e-mail) and sent to our client’s Department: support@instaforex.com.ng
Claims submitted in other ways will not be taken into account.

3.1.2: The Client claim for $50 monthly payment will take no longer than 48 hours to be settled:

3.1.3: If Client’s claim for $50 is considered fair, We will accept it and deposit funds in the Client’s Instaforex trading account within 48 hours.

3.1.4: We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.

3.1.5: Please if you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions do not go further.

3.1.6: You agree to be bound by these terms as stated here.