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Register a Live Trading Account with Instaforex

Open a live trading account with Instaforex Nigeria to partake in the global Forex trading. Follow the instructions below to start.

Instaforex Nigeria account registration only takes a few minutes and allows you to conduct trading operations in the Forex market.

Open an account in 4 easy steps:

  1. Scroll down below to access and fill the live account opening form.
  2. Fill in the special registration form.
  3. Accept Instaforex Terms of the Public Offer Agreement; This agreement does not have to be signed in order to be binding; it is as legally valid as a standard paper contract.
  4. Also kindly check your email’s SPAM folder if you did not receive your welcome email from Instaforex.

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Note 1: While filling Date of Birth, use this format: Day/Month/Year (31/01/2023)
Note 2:
Click here to register if your registration through the form was not successful.

Do note that after registration, you will be entitled to all Bonuses been offered to traders by InstaForex ranging from 30% WELCOME BONUS to 55% BONUS . Each bonus received from InstaForex can be instantly used to trade financial instruments or investments in Forex projects.