Why Trade with InstaForex Nigeria Office

Instaforex Nigeria Office( is a unique Representative of InstaForex Broker, providing various services to meet the needs of its numerous clients within the country.

FREE DEMO ACCOUNT: You can open a fully functional demo account using professional MetaTrader 4 platform which is rightly considered to be the most popular solution in Forex trading sphere. InstaForex MetaTrader 4 offers its services on 107 currency instruments, 34 U.S. stocks CFDs, futures CFDs, trades on gold and silver, and many others. Click on the following link to open demo account directly in MetaTrade 4.

30% BONUS:
This is also known as ‘welcome bonus’ if requested by the trader, it is made available to every deposit into the trader’s account on filling the application form. This means that the number of account to which the trader could request this bonus is not limited. This is credited to every deposit irrespective of how much the trader has lost or earned on previous trading account. it also helps the trader in increasing the amount of any deal/trade.

This bonus is not applicable/awarded to any account already credited with another type of bonus. Maximum leverage allowed for this bonus is 1:1000 and verification is not required if the account is opened

55% BONUS:
This is also one of the incentives from InstaForex to its numerous clients if applied for on every deposit made into the accounts of the trader on filling of the application form. The number of accounts to which the trader could request for this bonus is not limited, it is also credited to every deposit irrespective of how much the trader or client has earned or lost previously in other accounts. It also helps the trader or client in enhancing  the amount of any deal/trade.

Meanwhile the bonus is not applicable to any account already credited with any other type of bonus. Maximum leverage allowed for this bonus is 1:200 and verification is not required if account is opened through

InstaForex Nigeria offers a Cash Back award of $50 to each trader account that has traded a minimum of 100 lots in a calendar month. Cent accounts will have to trade 10,000 lots to qualify.  At the end of every 30 days, clients who has traded up to 100 Lots are expected to forward their InstaForex Trading account number to and they will be credited with their winning of $50 each. Read more..

This is available to our trainees either during their training or on completion of their training. They are expected to open a trading account with with not less than $70 in order to be eligible or entitled to this bonus. Trained clients are expected to fill out a special form which would be forwarded to  On consideration of the request and confirmation of the deposit, the trained client’s Instaforex account is credited with $70 within a maximum period of 24hours. This would boost not only the account but would also help the trader in increasing the amount of any deal/trades as well as embarking on his Forex trading journey.

At our funding rates and withdrawal rates are vividly displayed on our website. Clients are expected to fill out the funding and withdrawal forms online accordingly then make deposits via either p.o.s in our office or through designated banks, Account Funding are executed within 15minutes. As regards withdrawals, go to our website and fill out the withdrawal form accordingly. Clients are hereby advised that prior to the filling out the withdrawal form online, ensure that there are no much floating trades. As soon as the withdrawal amount is deducted from your account your local account is credited within 5hrs.

At InstaForex Nigeria Office Forex training is on a daily basis, Forex is business and should be treated as such. Any business worth its salt requires knowledge of it. The essence of training is to acquire knowledge. At our office  training takes place from the scratch to the advanced knowledge necessary to ensure profitability now and in the long run. Any person wishing to embark on a Forex journey must be prepared to engage or register for Forex training as these experienced traders or mentors would only reveal their strategies to registered members only.

Therefore any “serious minded person should not dabble into Forex without first and foremost undergoing training”. It is said that half education is dangerous and since every business has some elements of risks associated with it (Forex is no exception), the need for training and re-training cannot be over emphasized.

Our training are tailored to meet the schedules of our numerous clients amongst whom are;

  1. Company executives
  2. Bankers & Accountants
  3. Legal practitioners
  4. Medical doctors, Engineers and others.

This is  one of the unique services in which stands out and ranks first amongst equals in this regards. Are you interested in Forex trading? Are your tight schedules seen as a hindrance? Worry no more. Call us on 0813 345 0038 or SMS FOREX EDUCATION to 0903 358 8803

Forex trading is a skill set, anybody who is determined and have passion for it could acquire the right knowledge which are being imparted on our numerous clients by our experienced and dedication professionals.


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