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Instaforex Dance Show Promotion

On December 25, 2015 InstaForex organized a Dance Competition which brought the interest of Good dancers from many parts of Nigeria. The event arranged by InstaForex Company via its Rep of Office in Imo State recorded a high number of guests. Thus having over 4,000 persons in attendance.

The event was devoted on informing mostly the youths in Nigeria about Forex and Golding Trading business that would change their lives from 2016.

Grounding the Occasion, lots of upcoming Musical Artist within Nigeria entertained the much crowd in attendance.
Popular Music Artist in Nigeria X-Buster performed Live by making the Up-Show an unforgettable one for the crowd in attendance.

At the Dance SHOW arena lots of InstaForex services/operations were enquired by many attending guests and Forex traders, and deep information was given by InstaForex Representative in Nigeria.

In other to make the InstaForex Dance Competition impartial. The over 4,000 crowd where the judges, rightly deciding which contestant/dancer goes the next stage.

At the end of the highly competed Dance of over 30 contestants Mr. Joshua Samson alias “Bonky” Age 15 was picked by the over 4,000 crowd as the Best Dancer.

The Cash prize of $100 plus an LG LED TV was handed over to Mr Joshua as the InstaForex 2015 Best Dancer.

As means of empowering the Youths in Nigeria, Mr Joshua Samson will be freely trained by InstaForex Company in Nigeria on Forex & Gold Trading Business and will also have his Trading Account credited with an additional $70.

Chinedu Micha’el

Photos from the Instaforex Dance Competition

<a href="https://www.instaforex.com/">Forex Portal</a>
<a href="https://www.instaforex.com/">Forex Portal</a>