Must have Forex Mindset

InstaForex Nigeria: Must have Forex Trading Mindset

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The Forex mindset prepares you to be a successful trader by helping you identify your unique psychological strength, weakness and how you naturally behave in times of financial stress.

Successful trading requires 10% skill and 90% emotional intelligence – Jaret Martinez

  1. See  yourself or imagine yourself as a successful trader and be goal oriented.

Characteristics of Goals:
a. It must be realistic -within your capability
b. It must be attainable -begin with a small goal and move up from there.
c. It must be measurable.
d. Self evaluation after

2. Two Reasons for losing trades.
-You follow your rules but the market did not go in your direction.
-You didn’t follow your rule.

3. Remaining Flexible – Get out of closing trade

4. Being Objective
-The market can do and undo

Characteristic of an objective person:

a. You feel no pressure to do anything
b. You have no feeling of fear
c. You feel no sense of rejection
d. There is no absolute Right or Wrong
e. You recognise that this is what the market is telling you.
f. You can observe the market from a perspective as if you were not in a position.
g. You are not focused on money but on the structure of the market.
To be a successful trader you will not always be right but you will always need to be objective..

5.  Self Improvement- Very Vital

a. Don’t impose a rigid mental structure on the market’s behaviour.
b. Let go of the fear of being wrong so that you can observe the market from an objective view point.
c. If you concentrate on fear it will cause your subconscious to act out of fear and give you the very losses you are trying to avoid.
-Blaming Others/factors only slows down the learning process.

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