Instaforex Nigeria: Fundamental Forex News to watch out for & the Currencies it affects.

 News releases is a time to be focused and a time of utmost seriousness as most accounts are wiped off if you lose focus and not knowing how to go about it..

The following are the Forex News to watch out for and the Currencies it affects;

  1. Non farm payroll – USD (every 1st Friday of each month)
  2. Crude oil Inventories – CAD,USD
  3. GROSS Domestic Products – GBP, USD, CAD
  4. Employment Change – USD, AUD
  5. Bank Governors, President ECB and Fed. Reserve Chairs’ Statements-GBP, JPY, CAD, EUR, AUD, NZD, USD
  6. Consumer Price Index(C.P.I) – GBP, USD, NZD
  7. BOE MPC Meeting Minutes – GBP
  8. Core Retail Sales – CAD, USD
  9. Producers Price Index(P.P.I) – GBP, USD
  10. Retail Price Index(R.P.I) – GBP
  11. Core C.P.I – USD
  12. Trade Balance – GBP, CAD, USD, NZD, AUD
  13. FOMC, Statements, Meeting Minutes, Projections, Releases – USD
  14. Interest Rate Statements – EUR, JPY, GBP, USD
  15. Housing Starts – USD
  16. ADP Employment Change(Medium Impact) – USD
  17. Current Account Balance – JPY, GBP
  18. CBI Industrial Trends orders -GBP
  19. SNB Monetary Policy Assessment – CHF
  20. SNB Press Conference – CHF
  21. LIBOR Rates – CHF
  22. Official Bank Rates – GBP
  23. Minimum Bid Rates- EUR
  24. ECB conferences – EUR
  25. Retail Sales – USD,GBP,AUD
  26. Building Permits – USD
  27. Mid-year Economic and Fiscal Outlooks – AUD
  28. Unemployment Claims – USD
  29. Core Durable Goods – USD
  30. Consumer Confidence – USD
  31. PMI (Purchasing manager’s index) Manufacturing – GBP
  32. Construction PMI – GBP
  33. ISM(institute of Supply Mgt)Manufactory PMI – USD
  34. Service P.M.I -GBP
  35. RBA(Reserve Bank of Australia Governor Speaks -AUD
  36. Average Earnings Index – GBP
  37. Monetary Policy Statements – CAD,GBP,JPY,AUD,NZD
  38. Unemployment Rates- GBP,USD,AUD,NZD,JPY
  39. Core Durable Goods Orders – USD
  40. Inflation Expectation – NZD


Traders should learn to “Pend” their trades prior to the time of the “News Release” and not to use “Instant Execution” when the news is already released especially high volatile News Releases.

This is very important as any attempt to place trades immediately the News is released could result in either of the following; Trade context busy, requote, do you want to Buy/Sell?

These system delays could cost you a lot. It is therefore paramount to use “pending order” in placing trades, setting your stops and targets prior to the release of ‘News’. This is mostly the case in times of high volatile ‘News’ Such as Non-farm Payroll, F.O.M.C and various Economic blocks Chairmen/Bank Governors, President of ECB and Fed. Reserve Chairmen’s Speeches etc.

Please note that times of News releases/trading are not a time for fun or cracking jokes as are the cases with ‘Newbies’ and in most trading rooms. It is a time to be focused and a time of utmost seriousness as most accounts are wiped off if you lose focus and not knowing how to go about it.

Hence, it is advised that Newbies should trade cautiously and be more focused during news releases or rather wait for normal market situations to return.

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