InstaForex Nigeria: Forex Trading versus Gambling

Forex and Gambling are different things all together. In as much as there are risk associated with trading and gambling, the risks involved in Forex could be minimised/calculated while the risks associated with Gambling are entirely based on luck or chance.

Most traders(Forex) especially Newbies or beginners embark on their Forex journey as gamblers leading to what is known as Forex Gamblers thereby losing a lot of their money. This has led to the saying that one should only trade with the money that he/she can afford to lose.

In as much as there is great risk in Forex the potentials of money making in Forex is as close to endless as any, if not more than any market in the universe. A market where more than 3 to 5 trillion dollars are traded on daily basis far exceeds that of all the stock exchanges globally put together. While the comparison between Gambling and Forex is not totally baseless.

The under listed features differentiate the two industries>>

The Forex Market/Industry is backed by the biggest/largest financial institutions in the world. In as much as traders do not trade with the banks but on retail basis,the fact that market is supported by such financial organisation leads more evidence to a higher level of legitimacy than the gambling industry. Gambling as we know worldwide faces challenges of legitimacy on the legal front.Forex on the other hand is a legitimate business as any other business such as stock markets or commodities markets. Hence one should look out to put his/her hard earned resources in learning how to trade and trading which is legalised and controlled than the Gambling business.

Unlike Gambling one is not totally in the dark about/when opening a position or taking/placing trade. Various schools of thought/Academies are trying to or dedicating much of their time and resources in a bid to minimise the risks associated with Forex trading as possible.These are carried out via technical analysis as well as fundamental analysis. Forex is not about luck unlike gambling. Forex is investment and investment worldwide is knowledge based unlike Gambling. The Forex market could be analysed for days before opening a position and traders could keep an eye on the currencies they intend to trade on before taking a decision to either buy or sell. No such tools exist in the gambling world which is simply based on chance,luck or fate.

One of the main problem with gambling is the issue of addiction. People go into betting,casinos etc with the sole purpose of money thereby letting their emotions get the best part of them. When this desire of making money is not realised they simply keep on gambling thereby losing all their money and most times becoming aggressive. This is not the case with Forex whereby the trader is advised to put his emotion in check or out of the equation though most traders especially newbies or beginners find this psychological aspect very difficult, they soon find out that the way to go/follow is with knowledge unlike gambling. Forex Traders are advised to trade objectively,scientifically,set their goals and abide by them. Thereby Avoiding over-trading and revenge trading this would also put greed in check.

4. STRATEGIES (InstaForex Nigeria Special Tips):
It is said that a high percentage of traders lose money. This is true because they trade blindly without adequate knowledge,skills and above all strategy. Before a trade is taken one has to make serious decision as regards his/her trading goals. Once the decision is made it must be adhered to and implemented to the letter using a brokers platform. Application of stop-losses to checkmate our emotions and the quest to be in a losing trade instead of getting the hell out of it. Secondly, application of take profit to curb our greed of remaining in a trade instead of hoping that the our trade would continue to increase in value. Please utilise stop-loss and take-profit as part of our trading strategies instead of depending on our weak human emotions.

The Amount of money traded in forex on a daily basis cannot be compared to that of gambling worldwide.
Between 3 to 5 trillion dollars or more are traded in the Forex market daily which by far surpasses that of the gambling industry worldwide, hence the Forex market is said to be highly liquid and volatile.
From the above analysis,do you want to be a Forex trader or Gambler? The choice is yours. I’d rather choose to be a Forex trader than a Gambler of which the benefits of profit making is endless and stands out as a long term business.

Paul Odibeli
InstaForex Nigeria


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