InstaForex Nigeria: Advantages of Forex Automated Trading Systems (EA)

A very good Automated system(EA) guarantees huge profits thereby minimizing traders time of countless hours in front of the computer trading..

Are you a Medical Doctor, Banker, Lawyer, Clergy man, University Lecturer or Professional in different fields interested in Forex trading but lacks the time & patience required in making trading analysis decisions and execution of trade? Worry no more, for the solution lies in Forex automated trading system otherwise known as Robots, expert advisors or black-box trading system.
Auto-trading enables the trader to trade without fear & devoid of emotions, tirelessly day and night without greed or fear of failure.

Forex Robots are employed everyday as a method of generating millions of dollars from the foreign exchange market without the need to invest anytime in manual Forex trading or market evaluation and analysis. Automated trading can certainly be very lucrative as claimed by most individuals. Go for it and supercharge your Forex exchange accounts and earnings up to 100%,200% and up to 1000% or even more.

Forex Robots finds trading signals according to the trading strategies coded into it and will execute the trading signals automatically. In other words, Forex robots are automated trading systems that enter and exit trade on behalf of the trader it could give the trader 100%,200% and even up to 1000% profit of his account within a short period of time.

Having the Robot to monitor the market for trading opportunities and execute the trades gives the trader a lot of advantages as follows:

1. EARN MONEY WHILE SLEEPING: This is one of the benefits of utilizing expert advisors(Robots)because you do not need to be personally present or repeatedly engage yourself in Forex analysis and decision to trade and produce income within the Forex market. You can trade 24hrs a day even while asleep. A lot of computer programs allow you to trade on their private servers, which means that you do not need to have your laptop or computer on.

2.CUTTING OUT EMOTIONS: Automated trading system is able to solve one of the biggest traders issues e.g- psychological weak points, thereby minimizing emotion throughout the trading process. By Keeping emotions in check most traders would have little or no difficulty in sticking to their trading plan since orders or trades are executed instantly once the trading conditions are met, this takes the stress of trading or analysis out of the equation. It also helps traders who are afraid to “pull the trigger” as well as curb over-trading by traders who places buy and sell orders at every perceived opportunity.

3. IT ACHIEVES CONSISTENCY: One of the biggest challenges in trading is to “plan the trade and trade the plan”. Even or where a trading plan has the potential to be profitable, traders who ignore the rules are altering the expectancy the system would have had. In Manual trading adhering to the rules allows the traders to achieve consistency by the trading plan. With the trading rules designed and coded into the robots, It’s consistency all the way and strict adherence to the rules.

4. IMPROVES ORDER ENTRY SPEED: Since computer programs respond immediately to changing market conditions, automated systems(Robots) are able to generate orders as soon as the trade criteria are met. As soon as a position is entered all other orders are generated automatically including protective stops loss and profit targets(take profit). Market can move quickly and could be demoralizing for markets to have a trade reach the profit targets or beyond the stop-loss levels before an order could be entered. An automated system(Robot) prevents these from happening.

5.DIVERSIFIES TRADING: Automated trading(Robot) allows the trader, the opportunities of trading multiple accounts or various strategies at a time. This creates the potential to spread risks over various instruments while creating a hedge against losing positions.

If properly installed a very good Automated system (EA) guarantees huge profits thereby minimizing traders time of countless hours in front of the computer trading.

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