InstaForex Nigeria $500 No Deposit Bonus

InstaForex Nigeria $500 No Deposit Bonus is available to: New clients, or existing clients whose balance hasn’t exceed $10 USD in the last month, whose volume hasn’t exceeded .3 lots in the last 6 months and whose deposits haven’t exceeded $10 USD in the last 6 months.


1. Do I have to make a deposit to get the no deposit bonus?
– No, you do not have to make a deposit to get the no deposit bonus. You can receive the StartUp Bonus for free and trade it without your own investments.

2. Do I have to provide documents (verify my account) to get the InstaForex StartUp Bonus?
– No, you do not have to provide documents (verify an account) to get the StartUp Bonus.

3. How to make profits with the InstaForex StartUp Bonus?
– You can open and close trades on Forex on your own or subscribe to copying deals of successful traders through the InstaForex ForexCopy system (Trade via browser, Trade via mobile app, Trade via PC, Copy trades)

4. Is it possible to trade without swaps on an account with the StartUp Bonus?
– Yes. You can turn on the Swap Free service in Client Cabinet in the Personal information section. With this service, swaps for rollovers are not charged.

5. Is it possible to invest the bonus in the PAMM system?
– No, it is not. But you can use the bonus funds in the ForexCopy system and copy deals of successful traders.

6. In what currency is it possible to register an account for getting the StartUp Bonus?
– Only USD accounts can participate in the bonus campaign.

7. What account types support the StartUp Bonus?
– A Standard account is opened by default, but you can change an account type in Client Cabinet anytime.

8. How can I use profits made from the bonus?
– Profits that make up 10% of the bonus funds will become available for trading right after topping up the account. Withdrawal of these profits is
possible only after closing deals in the amount stated in the clause 5 of the Bonus Agreement.

9. Is it possible to participate in InstaRebate or any other program for returning spreads with the StartUp Bonus?
– Unfortunately, the clients who received the StartUp Bonus on their accounts cannot take part in the rebate programs.

10. Is it possible to withdraw the InstaForex StartUp Bonus?
– No. This bonus is given only to new clients providing them with an opportunity to make profits on Forex without their own investments.

11. Is it possible to withdraw funds that I deposit to the bonus account?
– Yes, you can withdraw the funds that you deposited anytime without restrictions.

12. Why cannot I receive the bonus? I received an email saying that my account cannot participate in the campaign.
– The no deposit bonus is available only to new clients. See the clause 1 of the Bonus Agreement for other restrictions. Active clients can get the bonus after topping up their account.

13. Why does the bonus amount I received differ from the one promised in the campaign?
– The maximum bonus amount is determined individually. You can check the bonus amount available to you following the link on the bonus agreement web page

14. I cannot get the bonus. The “Get bonus” button on the campaign web page is not active.
– Please make sure the link you followed to go to the campaign web page is correct:
We also recommend you to clear cookies and the browser cache or open another browser if the problem is not solved after following the stated link.

15. I cannot trade. The message “Trading is prohibited” appears in the platform.
– Please check the email box you specified when getting the bonus. Perhaps, your profits made from the bonus reached the threshold of 10% of the bonus funds.

16. Withdrawal: No, only profits can be withdrawn after trading 3 lots for each $1 USD profit. The withdrawal amount cannot exceed $50 USD. To continue trading, a deposit of $50 USD is needed.

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