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How to choose a good Forex Broker

Why would you choose a good Forex broker like InstaForex?

In life before making a choice we must consider certain variables to enable us choose the best out of other options. This same principle applies in the Forex market too where there are over 100 brokerage firms.

So to make that decision, I want you to give an answer to this simple question: Does servicing a client base of over 2 million mean anything to you? If the answer is yes then your choice will be InstaForex. Client is the life of a company; InstaForex has the largest number of clients comparing with others. They earn the trust of client by their good service and distinct idea of trading and live support to their client. On Dec 7th, 2012 we got an email from IFX PR that says the broker (InstaForex) is now serving over One million and On Dec 19th, 2014 we got an email from IFX PR that says the broker (InstaForex) is now serving  two million. Here is the official PR page from them:

Lots of brokerage houses are giving facilities of Forex trading to their clients but InstaForex is the best in all these criteria:

  1. No scam
  2. Forum facilities
  3. Maintain due time and no delays
  4. No cheating
  5. Deposit minimum $1 and have 1:1000 leverage.
  6. Less amount of spread
  7. Every popular payment processor are available.
  8. Demo contest
  9. Well paid bonus system other brokers have copied
  10. 24/7 live communication service/chatting service

Now, let’s discuss a few of these points:

  1. No scamInstaForex gives daily trade summary because it’s a very reliable Many brokers serving their clients all have mixed properties for example; if one broker is facilitating one thing better than other but at the same time that broker will have disadvantage in some other field so no one is perfect, only Instaforex is the best broker company in all respect of providing better services to their clients. InstaForex is the best broker of Asia in past couple of years. Also, Global Banking and Finance (which is known as a very reputed organisation for financial activities worldwide) awarded INSTAFOREX with best broker of Asia.
  2. Forum facilities – You can place reply to post on and get paid $0.20 per post. This is to help clients that do not have capital to start their trading with.
  3. Maintain due time and no delays – in case of deposit and withdrawals. Some brokers play tricks when a trader wants to withdraw his profit, they make up new rules to prevent the withdrawal, this is not so with


Other points to be discuss like Scalping facilities, availability of many demo contest etc will continue next week. Most of the people join InstaForex because they know they‘ll get the best experience as a trader. So I highly recommend you choose InstaForex as your choice broker.

By InstaForex Nigeria

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