Advantages of Trading with InstaForex Nigeria


Forex Trading has many advantages as compared to uncertainty of the stock market, many stock traders have now moved to the Forex market. Their main question and concerned was why trade the Forex market? The advantages of the Forex market as compared to the stock market are quite numerous.

24 Hour Global Market – The Forex market is truly a 24 Hour Global Market opens from Sunday night to Friday. The Forex market starts each trading day from Sydney, Tokyo, London, and finally to New York. Regardless of whether it is in the day or night, there are always market participants actively trading the Forex market. Forex traders can respond very quickly to any currency fluctuations or breaking news immediately unlike the stock and future market.

Trading has a unique feature called “Demo Account. This Demo Account allows a newbie or trader to trade using real-time price on the broker’s trading platform with the exact interface and function as a real account. With this demo account which is offered free by InstaForex Nigeria, Forex trader would gain real market experience in trading without risking any capital.

High Leverage of 1:000 leverage is available by by InstaForex as compared to so many online Forex brokers whose highest leverage is 1:200. This substantially exceeds the common 2:1 margin offered by equity brokers, and 15:1 in the futures market. Some brokers even offer higher leverage of 100:1.

it is important to note that while this type of leverage allows investors/traders to maximise their profit potential, the potential for loss is equally great but proper money management with high leverage can also lead one to big gains as well as losses.

Most brokers will allow you to start trading in mini accounts with as little as 300 dollars but InstaForex is of a micro account which allows you to start trading with as low 5 dollars.

Advantages of Trading with InstaForex in Nigeria;

-Our instaforex professionals are always handy to render advises as well as to offer support to various clients
challenges,as well as technical assistance wherever and whenever sort for.

-Our clients are informed/put on notice as regards high volatility news prior to the time of the release.

-At InstaForex our leverage is such that allows the trader to continue trading even when his equity has gone down,
thereby enabling the trader to grow his account and profit from the market.

4 }Cent account are available for clients who wish to start trading small.

-Funding as far as InstaForex is concern, client account funding is been processed in minutes.

-At InstaForex Nigeria, $5 is our minimum deposit, this goes to accommodates smaller investors in the forex market.

InstaForex as a Broker offers 100%  Swap free accounts to its clients.

In other words, secrets on how to make constant profit from the Forex market are revealed today;

In this article some rules on best Forex trading strategies are as follows;

1. Don’t risk more than 8% of your account balance on any one trade. That way if you have a streak of bad luck you will not wipe out your account.

2. If you have a string of six loses in a row, stop trading real money and go back to demo trading until you have demonstrated success for at least a week.

3. Employ strict trading rules that you stick to and do not trade wildly.

There is unlimited earning potential when you participate in our Forex Education program.

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